Sustainable Construction in Champagne, France with Help from Service Providers: A Case Study

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Autodesk customer OuyOut is using reality capture and Scan to BIM, with critical help from Autodesk Services Marketplace experts, on a refurbishment project in the Champagne region in France. This approach reduces the need for new materials, resulting in significant capital cost savings and a reduction in the embodied carbon footprint of the project. 

By reusing the existing structure, OuyOut is employing Scan to BIM to capture a digital representation of the existing site and Insight to generate a baseline energy model that incorporates energy performance diagnostics into early-stage design decisions. Meet the chief architect on the project as well as Autodesk Services Marketplace provider Graitec and members of Autodesk's sustainability team to learn and ask questions about how you can drive value and performance. 

This project exemplifies how customers achieve substantial positive results, especially in vital areas such as sustainability. 

Champagne will be provided!

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